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It’s been a while since my last Found while foraging.  I guess I’ve been busy for the past few months and these posts have somehow fallen by the wayside.  They seem to be popular, though, so I’ll make an effort to keep them up and post link collections more regularly.  I’m also happy to get interesting links from readers, so send me anything you think is interesting and worth sharing.  And as always, though, feel free to add more links in the comments!

Science and society
  • Neuroskeptic tackles an important problem with how we do science.  “The pressure to publish often fundamentally changes not just how much  scientists write, but what they can write about.”
  • Mind Hacks has an article about a decades-old experiment which suggests that there may be more to drug addiction than we’ve been led to believe.
  • Baldscientist shares his rules for grad students — good guidelines for anyone thinking about grad school!
Sex, sexism, and gender
Visual art
  • I’m fortunate enough to have no trouble understanding nearly any accent of English, but I know it can be challenging for others.  Language Log raises the question of how intelligible African American Vernacular English is to speakers of Mainstream English and what impact this might have.
  • Neil Hilborn’s fantastic performance poem OCD.  I want more of this in my life.

That’s all for now!