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Like many professionals, scientists are trained to communicate in a particular way. This isn’t a bad thing – on the contrary, it’s important and extremely useful. An insistence on precision, a specialized vocabulary and a defined format of communication help maintain the smooth flow of information which is (or should be) at the heart of the scientific endeavour. Unfortunately, the ability to communicate with other scientists doesn’t necessarily translate into good public communications skills. While many scientists have those skills, there are many, many more who lack them. Communicating with the public is simply not part of the standard scientific education, which creates a gap between research scientists and the rest of society. This blog is my way of trying to help fill that gap.

A better understanding of science is important for everyone. Since most scientific research is publicly funded, scientists need the public to understand the value of their work. A scientifically educated and aware public is more likely to do so and to be willing to extend or expand support for science. For non-scientists, a better understanding of science can help make more informed and effective choices on both a personal and a social level. From GMOs to climate change to stem cell research, we are struggling together to regulate the decisions we make and to understand their effects. While science alone cannot determine our choices, they must be based in a firm understanding of science.

This blog won’t just be about cutting-edge or peer-reviewed research; I’m going to write about whatever I think might be interesting, which will also include older research and simple explanations of things that might be considered “basic science”. My goal is to communicate scientific ideas to non-scientists in a way that is enlightening, engaging or even inspirational. I hope the blog will be more than just my writing, though – discussion and discourse are the heart of learning, so please share your thoughts and questions in the comments. I’m also happy to take suggestions for subjects; if there’s something you’d like me to write about, feel free to get in touch and let me know.

The world around us is richly mysterious, full of dazzling wonders and dizzying complexity. Science is how we try to capture that numinous whole in beautiful, elegant explanations and simple ideas. Each advance is a small wonder in its own right and science communication should reflect that sentiment. At its best, it should do more than just explain. It should impart a sense of majesty and beauty; it should inspire us to keep asking questions and to strive for understanding. I was lucky enough to grow up in just such an atmosphere; I hope that I can pass on some small part of that richness.


13 thoughts on “About the blog”

  1. Lynne Reuber said:

    I ran across your blog while searching for a topic you were discussing. Communication of science at all levels is important–keep doing it!

  2. Such a critically important task, Thanks for taking it on!

  3. Agree completely about the essential role of communication. Keep reminding us please. Read The Geek Manifesto recently, do you know it?

  4. Interesting post. Communicating is vital in gaining understanding but is difficult in so much as the word is not the thing, making your point so much more vital. This in the context of science having its own language, adds to the mix. Thank you for your post.

  5. Love your goal to communicate science and scientific thinking. In my opinion that is a huge contribution to making the world a better place and I look forward to reading and catching up 🙂

  6. Claudine Moore said:

    What a great blog!! This is a great way for scientists and non-scientists to communicate. We found you from the piece you did on zombie ants.

    I have been learning about communicating about our scientific research to the general public as well. My husband and I are running a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for our genetics testing service for canine lymphoma. Unfortuately, we have not had much success thus far. We are in our last week of the campaign and really hoping for a big boost of luck from the community!!

    If you’d be intersted in learning more about what we do, we would love it! If you’d like to check us out, our crowdfunding link is http://igg.me/at/transcribdxcf/x/8179898 and our website is http://www.transcribdx.com.

    We believe that our pets deserve the same kind of cancer testing services that are available for humans. We have the skills to deliver this invaluable testing service, we just need financial assistance to get it to the public.

    Thanks again for your blog!


  7. This is really great blog for learning science and biology.
    I like this blog and articles are very useful for students.
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