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I was hoping to spend lots of time writing during the winter holidays, but instead I’ve been enjoying the opportunity to spend time with my family.  I’ve got a few promising posts in the works for early in the new year, but until then here’s another collection of odds and ends from around the web to keep you going.  As always, feel free to add more links in the comments.  I hope you’ve all enjoyed the winter/summer solstice and associated holidays.


Science and society

Sex, sexism and gender

Visual arts
  • I’ve signed up as a freelance writer on Elance.  2013 should see my PhD come to an end, so I’m exploring my options — how far can I really take this writing gig?  If you enjoy my writing and need something written (or know someone who does), get in touch!
  • I recently came across Memrise, a very useful (and free!) tool for memorizing facts and learning how to memorize more efficiently.
  • Take part in a project out of Belgium to build a massive word association network of English.  It won’t take long and it’s fun & useful!  You can also check out the Dutch word association network put together by the same group.
Just for fun

That’s all from me!  Happy New Year, everyone!