About Sedeer el-Showk

The little one wants to know what I'm reading aboutI’m an eclectic talking ape who has always been fascinated by the world around us and deeply enamored with language in every form.  When I finally had to decide what to study, I chose science and earned a B.Sc. in plant genetics and then an M.Sc. in evolutionary biology.  My clandestine love for language never wavered, though it withered and bloomed by turns under my inconstant ministrations, like a poorly tended garden.  I started this blog to help me amend that by bringing my two passions together, as well as giving me an opportunity to share them with you.

After a few years of successful blogging, I decided to become a full-time freelance writer while still trying to wrap up the final bits of my PhD work at the University of Helsinki. When not writing, I’m pursuing any of a collection of hobbies, including poetry, piano, calligraphy, and photography. I live on a farm in Morocco with a congeries of other creatures, including my cherished partner, a photographer.

I generally eschew social media in favour of email, but you can find me on Twitter (@inspiringsci) and LinkedIn.  In addition to Inspiring Science, I write Wonders of the World, a crowd-funded series about some of the Earth’s other amazing creatures, and Accumulating Glitches, part of Nature’s Scitable blog network. I have also written for Nature Middle East, BBC Focus, and Think magazine. If you’d like to hire me for a writing, editing, or speaking job, please get in touch.


9 thoughts on “About Sedeer el-Showk”

  1. ali elshowk said:

    very very interesting blog . thank you

  2. Eclectic talking ape! Brilliant! 🙂

  3. I came back to thank you again, and look at your blog more closely. So discovered the series, foraging. All the articles in the latest post were fascinating, thank you again. Great content, good writing, wonderful blog. Keep writing!

  4. Eduardo Orias said:

    Excellent piece of science reporting on Tetrahymena and how it chooses a mating type

  5. Wow, a blog about science! I absolutely love it 🙂 My youngest daughter would love this blog! Hands down, coolest science blog ever 🙂

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